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November 21st, 2014

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* * * Last update 7/01/2014 w/ Rice Lease Updates from 6/30/2014 * * *

*7/01/2014*6/30/2014 Rice #15 Pumping Oil

*6/03/2014*6/02/2014 Rice #15 Pump Jack Installed

*6/02/2014*5/30/2014 Fracking of Rice #15 Completed

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Xun Energy launches its new website


We aspire to be an independent oil and gas company in North America and to provide our shareholders with returns over the long-term. To achieve this, we strive to optimize our capital investments to maximize growth in cash flows, earnings, production and establish reserves. We will do this by:

  • Generating cash flow,
  • Securing financing to acquire our planned acquisitions,
  • Exercising capital discipline,
  • Ensuring financial strength, and
  • Investing in oil and gas properties with strong full-cycle margins.

Mission Statement

To become a leader in providing energy, through acquisition and diversification.

To acquire working interest positions and mineral rights leases for the purposes of oil and gas development and production using new technologies, advanced drilling and completion methods and invest in known, producing properties and surrounding areas.

To be aggressive in gaining interest positions in leases and existing producing properties that will produce desirable returns, utilize leading technologies & methods to maximize exploration and production results while providing Return On Investment.